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Intensives are ideal because you get a lot of work done in a short amount of time.  Whether an intensive for individuals or couples, the advantage is the time saved from "catching up" in between sessions and having focused time with your therapist.

Couples Half-Day Intensive 

The half day (first half day in a three day intensive) is a way to get through the assessment phase of couples therapy.  This consists of 90 minutes with you as a couple, 45 minutes individually, and an additional hour of sharing the findings from the assessment and collaborating on the treatment plan moving forward.

Half-Day Intensives cost $500-600.  It is encouraged that couples set up multiple half-day intensive dates for maximum benefit.  These should be scheduled within three weeks of one another and couples normal schedule around four over a couple of months. 

Couples Three-Day

In addition to the (above) Half Day, couples spend the afternoon of Day 1, all of Day 2, and the morning of Day 3 working on the issues identified in the assessment phase.  The final part of Day 3 is spent wrapping up, setting goals and making plans for execution of things learned during the intensive.  Meetings with your therapist are normally from 9 am-3-3:30 pm each day with a break for lunch.  Couples receive 18-22 hours of therapy in the three day period.  The cost of therapy is $3,000.

Individual Intensives

Intensives for individuals are normally targeting trauma.  Making use of Narrative Therapy and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), individuals take extended time to "deal with" and make peace with the past.  Intensives are set at around $500-600 for a half day, $1000 for a full day.