Kelli Barnes, EdD

Behavior Analysis and Treatment

Children experience problem behaviors. It is a natural part of development that parents expect. What many parents may not predict is to have a child whose behaviors inhibit them from maximum functioning in everyday life. Children with or without disabilities, may require intervention that teaches skills and fills in gaps to assist in getting needs and wants met. ALL behaviors have a function, a purpose. After assessing behavior, children can learn how to request, socialize, and participate with a more functionally appropriate replacement behavior.  

Through behavior interventions, children, parents, and educators can learn techniques to help prevent problem behaviors and how to respond when problem behaviors arise. 

You may benefit from Dr. Barnes services if:

  • Your child’s school has contacted you regarding his/her behavior.

  • Your child has an identified disability accompanied by behaviors that hinder his/her ability to socially communicate with others effectively.

  • Your child has an identified disability accompanied by behaviors that hinder his/her ability to functionally communicate with others effectively.  

  • You are concerned about your child’s significant problematic behaviors in the home.

  • You have been requested to have your child assessed using a functional behavior assessment.

  • Your child’s school has suggested a behavioral intervention plan and you would like a second opinion.

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About Kelli Barnes, Ed.D.

Serving children 3-18, Dr. Barnes is a behavior analyst, author, school consultant, and former special educator.  In 2003, she was trained in Discrete Trial Training, Picture Exchange System, and served on a preschool assessment team in Orange County, California, working extensively with students on the autism spectrum scale. With over 18 years of experience, Dr. Barnes currently specializes in training staff, working with parents, administering functional behavior assessments, and creating behavior intervention plans for children who demonstrate socially unacceptable behaviors. Dr. Barnes works with all children, but is most-experienced with students who have emotional, behavioral, or cognitive disabilities, anxiety disorders, or autism. Her particular interest is to serve these children and families by combining behavioral interventions with a comprehensive knowledge of best practices for those with complex social and learning needs both in schools and in the home.


She holds a BS in Special Education and a master’s degree in Special Education with an emphasis in Autism from Austin Peay State University. Dr. Barnes received her education specialist degree as well as her doctoral degree from Union University, earning highest honors in her field as a member of Kappa Delta Pi.  Dr. Barnes regularly presents on behavioral interventions and is an active researcher. 


In her free time, Dr. Barnes can be found reading, running, playing tennis, or spending time with her family at the river.