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a customized online workshop

Image by Brooke Cagle

ReDiscover is is a service for couples who are ready for help immediately.  It is set up as an online workshop that takes place over 8-12 weeks.  Many couples come in and say--just tell us what to do!

ReDiscover is is NOT psychotherapy, but a coaching workshop that incorporates all of Dr. Pratt's training and study from the Gottman Institute, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Trauma Focused Narrative Therapy.  

Each week consists of 2-4 modules of teaching that is customized out of your initial assessment.  Students in ReDiscover Us are able to go back and review the teaching as many times as it takes and then participate in a weekly coaching visit with Dr. Pratt to make sure the workshop is understood and the tools and skills are being properly implemented.

Ideally, couples who are able to follow directions, work toward goals and are willing to stick to a weekly prioritized, live coaching visit can benefit most from ReDiscover Us.  Couples who are high-conflict, low connection and couples who may be in recovery from betrayal such as infidelity are right in the center of the wheelhouse for ReDiscover Us.  

The mission of ReDiscover Us is to help couples learn and use the tools and skills necessary to manage conflict in a way that deepens their understanding of one another and heal from past hurts in a way that makes their relationship stronger than ever.  Dr. Pratt has worked with hundreds of couples for more than 30 years and has seen many who felt hopeless ReDiscover a partner and ReDiscover love.  

If you would like a brief phone call to see if you may be a fit for ReDiscover Us, share your phone number and email Dr. Pratt here.

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