Frequently asked questions

INSURANCE: Do you bill insurance? Can I file on MY insurance?

The Pratt Clinic does not file insurance. We have intentionally opted out of managed care networks for several reasons. We have tried to keep our fees reasonable. With rising deductibles and higher copays for specialists, we believe our fees are fair and affordable. What we CAN do. If it is important to you that you seek reimbursement from your insurance we can do three things if your provider has a national provider identification number: Superbill-First, you will receive a Superbill after the 10th of each month for the previous month's services. This provides all the necessary information from our end of things for you to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. HICFA-Second, if the Superbill is not sufficient, we can provide you with Health Insurance Claim Forms that you may turn in to your insurance company. HSA CARDS--Some have a high deductible insurance plan and a health savings account. If mental health services fit within your insurance plan, we can take your HSA card.

COST: What are your rates/fees for your services?

Pepper Pratt, Ph.D. LPC/MHSP Individual Therapy Initial Evaluation-$120 Individual and Couples Therapy Ongoing 60 minute visit-$100 Individual Therapy Ongoing 45 minute visit-$85 Couples Therapy Initial Evaluation-90 minutes-$150 Couples Therapy Relationship Checkup Questionnaires and Interpretation-$40 Karen A. Pratt, MS, APRN, PMHNP-BC Initial Evaluation, 75-100 minute visit-$150 Medication Management, 30 minute visit-$70 Laura Freeman, MAMFT Individual, Couples and Family Therapy per 60 minute visit-$85 Other Urine Drug Screen-$30 Late cancellation/no show-$50 (If this occurs more than once, the full fee may be charged.) Telehealth visits--the same price as regular therapy visits depending on the provider and time. Telephone consultation--if more than 5 minutes, $25 for each fifteen minute interval.


Clicking the above aqua colored button takes you to our electronic practice app called SimplePractice. For a first appointment, select "I'm a new client." You will then see a calendar with times available. Once you select a time, an appointment request will be sent to us and is normally approved within minutes. You will receive a confirmation email letting you know your time has been secured. Your first appointment will always be at The Pratt Clinic and not telehealth. Telehealth is available after the first appointment. Very Important--in the confirmation email is an invite to a client portal that has our online forms including an initial questionnaire, practice policies and financial information. It is essential to complete this prior to our visit. Payment--you are welcome to pay in person at the time of your visit by check or cash. However, our clients have found it convenient to enter credit card information into the SimplePractice online forms. That way, when you come, financial arrangements are already taken care of in a very secure way (The Pratt Clinic will not have access to your card information) and you can focus on the appointment and your care. SimplePractice (our electronic practice management system) runs the credit card charges overnight each night after your visit. Late Cancellation/No shows--we understand that life happens! However, we have reserved a time just for you. Please let us know within 24 hours if are not going to be able to make it so we may offer that time to someone else who may be waiting. You can text 731-300-2619 or call us at 731-660-0199 and we will get the message. If we haven't heard from you in a timely manner, then we reserve the right to charge for the time you have chosen to reserve. You will receive reminders, but it is ultimately your responsibility to keep the appointment you have scheduled.

COUPLES: How is couples therapy different?

The Pratt Clinic takes couples therpy very seriously. Rather than "feeling our way through it", we want to make sure we understand your relationship as well as possible. To do so, we believe the assessment process sets the stage to get our best work done. Here is how it works with Dr. Pratt (others may have a different process): Intake Session-90 minutes. The first visit is a 90 minute session that is spent communicating the reason for seeking counseling, but also gathering a history of the relationship. Both individuals in the couple are present for this intake. The last part of the intake session is spent in conversation about a typical conflict that may take place in the relationship. Certain technology may be used in this conflict-conversation. This will be discussed more during the first visit. Required Homework. After the first visit, you will be invited to complete a battery of relationship questionnaires. These online questionnaires are merely tools in the assessment process that helps Dr. Pratt to pinpoint strengths and problem areas. It will take approximately 90 minutes (each) to complete and can be done in more than one sitting. It is important, however, to finish these before the next session. The third (and final) session of the assessment process cannot take place until this homework is finished. Individual Sessions-45 minutes each. Each of you will be asked to participate in one individual session with Dr. Pratt. These can be scheduled back-to-back or on separate days. Just schedule these online as “Individual Psychotherapy-45 minutes”. These individual sessions focus on your own personal history and personality to better understand the way the relationship has been built. Unveiling the Plan-60 minutes. The third and final session of the assessment process involves Dr. Pratt sharing the findings of the assessment process and introducing and inviting you to a plan of action that seeks to bring restoration and health to your relationship. You will both attend this session together. Ongoing Therapy—after the three initial assessment sessions, the Plan will help you to identify how often you should come in order to receive maximum benefit and healing in your relationship. Ongoing therapy sessions are normally 60 or 90 minutes. 90 minute sessions are strongly encouraged at the beginning and as progress is made, 60 minute visits are more appropriate. How much does all this cost? Each session is billed at the hourly rate. Payment may be made at each visit or you may pre-pay for the assessment process for nearly a 10% discount for $420 rather than $460, if questionnaires are completed online. Here is how it breaks down: Intake Session-$150 Individual Sessions--$85 Ongoing Couples Sessions--$100 for 60 minutes. $150 for 90 minutes. Compilation of Report from Questionnaires—$40 (a processing charge, most of which comes from The Gottman Institute.) Will Insurance Reimburse? Everyone's insurance is different. Most insurance companies will tell you they do not pay for couples counseling. The Pratt Clinic is intentionally NOT contracted with insurance networks. It is possible, however, that we can provide you with a Superbill or a Health Insurance Claim Form that you may submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement to you after you have paid Pratt Clinic. Please understand, however that your insurance company will tell you they do not pay for marriage counseling. That is because a marriage is not a "covered member". A marriage is not a patient or a client. So, in order for your insurance to reimburse, one or both of you would have to have a mental health diagnosis in order to bill insurance. Why is all this necessary? Let me just say it this way. If you go to a divorce lawyer, your first assignment will be much more rigorous. It is called “discovery”. If you divorce, your attorney would only do due diligence (after a retainer of several thousand dollars) to make sure he/she has all the facts in order to get a fair settlement. Why not make a much smaller investment in your RELATIONSHIP? Getting accurate facts helps Dr. Pratt offer you the most effective help possible and make sure the course of action that is set is actually going in the right direction. How often should we schedule? The first session will be 90 minutes and it would be good to go ahead and schedule the second sessions soon after the first. The next step in the assessment process after the first visit is for Dr. Pratt to meet with each of you individually for 45 minutes to gather your personal perspective and explore other issues in your personal history. While there are really no secrets, this is just an opportunity to get to know each of you better. Between the first session and session three, you should have completed all the questionnaires. In session three, Dr. Pratt will go over the findings in the assessment and present a detailed plan of action to help things get better. All three sessions in the assessment process should happen within a 2-3 week window for optimal progress to get started. After the assessment phase, sessions are one to two weeks apart. If you need appointments later in the day, it would be good to schedule those ahead of time 3 or 4 at a time since these times are often the first to fill. A Final Encouragement You may often hear people say, "I tried marriage counseling and it didn't work" and they wind up divorcing or splitting up. There is a silent number of people who entered into therapy, did the hard work and restored their relationship in spite of very difficult challenges. These may never speak up and tell others of their experience, but they walk among you at work, church, school and the marketplace. It is for their stories we are grateful and are inspired to do this work. Other Options In order to participate in couples counseling with Dr. Pratt, this assessment process is required. As affordability may be a consideration, let Dr. Pratt know and the ongoing therapy may be spaced out in order to accommodate financial concerns. The recommendation, however will be made (in terms of visit frequency) for optimum restoration. Marriage Intensive With reasonable notice, Dr. Pratt is willing to participate in a one, two or three day marriage intensive. These three days would involve approximately eight hours (minus lunch and breaks) and can be scheduled over a weekend if needed. The cost for a three day intensive is $2500 in Jackson, TN and $3000 in Memphis or Nashville. This fee would include the assessment process during the intensive. Payment in full would be required before beginning and the battery of questionnaires would be completed prior to the intensive. Please contact Dr. Pratt by email ( or phone (731-660-0199) for more questions or to schedule an intensive. If you are outside of Jackson, there are many hotel options within ten minutes of The Pratt Clinic.

REVIEWS: What do others have to say?

"Dr. Pepper Pratt has been helping people find healing and direction for several decades. He is one of the most well respected therapists in our corner of the world. I personally know numerous of people who would credit him with saving their lives. That sounds like an exaggeration, but it is not. Pepper as caring and compassionate as he is insightful and challenging. This is a rare balance to find in professional counselors. As a local pastor, I have referred many people to Pepper’s practice. I have watched him lead people through the valley of depression, mediate martial conflict that seemed irreconcilable, and help people overcome additions & destructive habits they had been struggling with for years. As a man of Faith, Dr. Pratt’s counseling includes issues of faith and their impact on other issues people face. I have never hesitated to refer anyone to him. I know they will always receive the best of care with Pepper. Due to our long standing friendship, I have never seen Dr. Pratt in a professional capacity. That is not to say he has not impacted my life personally. I have on more than one occasion found myself finishing a conversation or lunch with Pepper and feeling as though I should pay him for the “free counseling” that he provided. I have however seen Karen Pratt at work up close and very personally. In the middle of one of the darkest times of my life; I found myself struggling with depression. My wife called and scheduled an appointment for me with Karen. When I saw Karen, I was struggling to survive. She prescribed medication that, alongside counseling and other interventions, gave me my life back! She listens tenderheartedly and is very diligent in managing the medications she proscribes for her clients. I was would have never thought I would ever need medication. But I am so thankful that Karen was able and willing to help me get through the most difficult season of my life. If you are struggling … PLEASE call the Pratt Clinic and let them help you move forward in life." Paul, local pastor

“The extra mile. That is what Karen did for me and my daughter--who was complex and dramatic and beautiful. Karen took the time and went the extra mile to help and that made all the difference in the world.” teacher, mother of a teenager....
"Karen shows great concern for her patients and always goes the extra mile to give them the utmost care." Melanie Hoppers, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Physcians Quality Care "Karen Pratt is one of those rare clinicians who possesses the timeless gifts of empathy and compassion while remaining up to date on the latest available pharmacological interventions. Her talents are in short supply in this day of overly busy and distracted mental health practitioners." Neil Bomar, MD, Psychiatrist The Pratt Clinic is such a God sent resource to be an aide amongst so many different issues...definitely an asset to the community!!!! I pray more and more people become aware of the services/treatment/guidance/hope this clinic brings!!! ...Leah, RN, wife and mom

Healing, restoration and wholeness.

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