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If depression has stopped you from living your life,
you are in the right place!


a 21 day journey to build resilience and rediscover joy

We want to help you!

Are you seeking understanding?           -People with depression often seek to understand the nature of their mental illness. They may wish to learn about its causes, symptoms, and how it impacts their lives and the lives of those around them.                                                                                                                 

Looking for accessible information and affordable treatment options?

​ -Individuals may desire a comprehensive and easily accessible source of information, which can be revisited at their convenience and pace.

-Therapy and medication can be expensive. A well-designed e-course might provide cost-effective techniques to help manage depression.     


Needing guidance and support while also learning coping strategies and skills?

-Participants may look for a structured plan and support, which helps them navigate their path to recovery. They may also wish to connect with others experiencing similar struggles.

-Coping Strategies and Skills: They often look for practical tips and strategies to cope with depressive symptoms in everyday life.                                                                                

Wanting to maintain anonymity and privacy? 

-The stigma associated with mental health conditions may deter some from seeking help. An e-course allows them to access help while maintaining their privacy.

Are you ready?

Let's take your life back from the heaviness you feel!

I'm ready!
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What's Included:

Our goal is to help clients understand happiness and debunk myths associated with it. We want you to be able to know the difference between depression and a mixture of other emotions. We hope to help individuals learn methods of building resilience outside of the professional’s office, have a plan and know the resources for moving forward.


Training Videos & PDF Worksheet

Clients will receive 3 weeks of training videos and pdf worksheets to follow along while working through the program.

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Screening tests and powerful skills

Clients will be provided  with necessary screenings to determine where you are and offer powerful skills to get you on the path of happiness.

Video Call with Sign Language

Monthly Zoom Call and

Monthly zoom calls will give clients the opportunity to "see" and chat with provider.

Our hope for you:

Improved Mental Health:

-This is the most important desired outcome. They want the course to help alleviate their symptoms and improve their overall mental health.


-Participants often seek to feel more in control of their emotional state and mental health. They want to learn skills and techniques that empower them to better manage their depression.

Improved Quality of Life:

-Individuals may want to see improvements in various life domains, such as their relationships, productivity, physical health, and overall well-being.

Knowledge Gain:

-They want to deepen their understanding of depression and mental health, which can help reduce self-stigma and improve self-care.

Support Network:

-If the course offers a community feature, they may hope to connect with others with similar experiences, providing mutual understanding and support.


-Participants might want to feel equipped to handle potential relapses or periods of increased depressive symptoms in the future.

Yes, I'm ready!

Tell me how to get started!

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