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Our rates are based on each provider's training, expertise and the average rates of similar providers in Tennessee.  Our clinicians are constantly learning and investing their own dollars to prepare to bring you the most excellent therapy services possible.  


The Pratt Clinic is not in network with insurance panels.  We partner with a third-party vendor, Advekit to assist you in accessing your out-of-network mental health benefits should you choose to file with your insurance.  Check your policy for out-of network mental health benefits. An additional processing fee may apply for filing insurance.

Most sessions are 50-60 minutes:

Pepper Pratt, PhD, LPC/MHSP-$150 

Jennie Haywood, LPC/MHSP-$150

Karen Pratt and Kelly Harden APRN-$155 (1st visit) $80 follow-up visits

Debbie Bellinghausen, LMSW-$95

Will Chenault, ThM-$95

Laura Freeman, MAMFT-$95

Kelli Barnes, EdD-$125 (1st) $105 after first visit

Scarlett Henley, MA-$95

Kallan Lewis, MA-$95

Nathan Clayton, MSW- $95

Jump Start Intensive-$600

Trauma Intensive-$600

*Three-Day Intensive- and ReDiscover Us Workshop

 (request brief phone

*financial assistance may be available upon need.

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