vs. In-Person Visits

While COVID19 cases remain more than 500 per day in Tennessee, Pepper, Karen and Laura will default to telehealth.  Jennie, Debbie and Will continue offering both in-person and telehealth visits. 

So, regardless of the location chosen, your visits with Pepper, Karen, and Laura will be telehealth (temporarily).  If you would prefer telehealth with Will, Jennie or Debbie, please let us know.  That is always okay.

How does telehealth work?  Just like Zoom or FaceTime.  We will send you a link before the appointment and you click the link and follow the prompts and we spend the hour together on-screen.

Is telehealth private?  Absolutely.  We pay a premium to have our telehealth service through our EHR (electronic health record) software.  It is encrypted and HIPAA compliant.  In other words, no one else can hack in and eves drop.  

Why would I choose telehealth?  If it is the only option for your provider.  If it is more convenient for you.  If you are traveling.  If you may miss the appointment otherwise.  If you are sick, but would still like to meet.  

What are the challenges of telehealth?  Interruptions. Children, pets, spouses, co-workers and other household noises, while well-meaning, can sometimes be uninvited and unintended distractions.  Please try to find a spot that allows for your privacy.   Some meet in a private room in their home, office or even from their car at times.  

What technology do I need?  A device with a camera and ideally, wifi. Cell signals work pretty well most of the time, especially if you are stationary.  

When is in-person better?  If you need EMDR (see services page), play therapy or a couples intensive (3 day marathon), it is (not impossible) very difficult to serve you by telehealth and in-person therapy may be preferred.  

If you need one of these services, let your provider know and we will try to accommodate you depending on your circumstances and ours. 


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