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The REQUEST APPOINTMENT button on the top of this page is for scheduling.  Click it and follow the prompts.  Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive an invitation to a client portal.  Online forms await and need to be completed prior to the appointment.

Cancelling-and rescheduling may be done through the portal.  24 hour notice is required for cancellations to avoid being charged for the visit.  Most providers have a waiting list and can often fill a cancelled spot with enough notice.  

A missed appointment is a loss to both of us.


Fees are determined by the areas average rates, the training, expertise and experience level of the therapist. We believe your well being and relational health is an investment that bears fruit beyond finances. In your future, there are people to enjoy, jobs to carry out and purpose into which to lean.  You are worth it! 

Payment by check, cash or credit card is expected in full at the time of the visit.  The most convenient is a credit card on file.  Your charges run the night after your visit.


That depends on you.  For individuals who come in for some guidance or direction about basic life adjustments, resolution may take place in fewer than five visits.  Treatment for depression, anxiety, issues of childhood and trauma (PTSD) may take much longer.  Although we utilize "brief therapy" methods, that is often determined by the layers wrapping up the issues that drives maladaptive behavior and a dis-integrated view of self.  You are worth the investment.

For couples--please understand that the first three to four visits are just the assessment process.  For couples who have well established cycles of destructive habits, it probably took a number of years to develop.  Those cycles will take more than three or four hours to dismantle.  Couples therapy is a lot like physical therapy in that office visits are supervised exercises in health, connection and communication.  Utilizing these new ways of relating are experiments that involve a growth process that requires continued treatment.  At some point, new intimacy moves in and toxic communication moves out.  Couples who experience this type of transformation should commit to at least fifteen visits, possibly more.  It depends on your willingness to make vulnerable moves toward your partner and to receive the newness offered.  Your relationship is worth the investment.

There are no shortcuts, no flight to health, no quick fixes.  Effective therapy requires presence, vulnerability, honesty, open-mindedness and willingness.  This can't be forced or rushed.  At The Pratt Clinic, we are here for you and will walk through this very difficult season with you as the hands and feet of Jesus.


We realize that getting started takes courage and puts you way out of your comfort zone.  So, how will that go?  

We hope you find that the bottom line is that you make a new, life-giving relationship with another human being who is all about you during the time we have together.  We take time to get to know you and want to know about the fun things and pleasant things about you and not just the hard stuff.

Most who come in are not crazy or lazy, but they have been trying really hard and what they have been trying still hasn't been working.  We don't know it all, for sure, but work really hard to mirror back to you the truth of your circumstances and strategize with you, as a partner and not a critic, ways to make things better.  

Talking about really personal things will always bring some discomfort, but, it should never be unkind.  So, please, we can't help unless you talk, but we understand there is a pace and risk that comes with speaking truth.  We are patient and won't back away, but want you to experience kindness and compassion along the way in order to get what you need.

Let us know if you have more questions!

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